Welcome to Yep I Ate That! 

For those who followed me from my tumblr (http://yep-i-atethat.tumblr.com/), thanks for taking those precious seconds to actually click a link to follow me here! (Edited to add: in typical me fashion, the link actually doesn’t work! another reason I have transitioned to blogspot…)

I’ll keep it simple for my inaugural post. I love to write and I love fitness, so why not combine two of my greatest passions to start a healthy living blog? I’ve been following healthy living blogs for a while now (quick shout out to my favorites: Julie at PB FingersCourtney at Sweet Tooth Sweet LifeTina at Carrots ‘n Cake) but am finally committing myself to creating my own so that others can tap into as a resource and inspiration for their own personal fitness journeys, and also hopefully to offer some comedic relief along the way 🙂 I will be updating regularly about tons of fun topics, focusing mainly on fitness, healthy food and living but also probably random musings on things that I might find interesting/annoying/cool/all of the above. Hopefully I’ll keep my blog as fresh and novel as possible!

So who am I? I live in NYC and recently left my uber-demanding job in search of…..something else. When I discover what that something else is, I’ll be sure to let you know…..I’m a newly converted yogi and a past hardcore runner (need to pick that up again though). I’ve been vegetarian for a little under two years. I heart green kombucha and kale. Make no mistake, though. I LOVE chocolate and eat enough salty snacks for an entire elementary school full of hungry kiddos.

Please follow me in your Google Reader or whatever blogging following method you forward-thinkers might be using that I’m unaware of. Again, thanks for reading, and I hope you continue to return to my blog!