Remember how I was all like I’m totally not going to let a little cloudiness and rain ruin my workout?

Well, score one for the rain because I opted to order Thai and watch a movie with a friend instead. Has anyone seen last year’s Oscar winner for a foreign film, A Separation? It’s a really thought-provoking examination of class and religion. While the characters are Iranian, it’s easy to re-contextualize this film in a million other settings and cultures. Definitely recommended, if you’re into heavy movies like this.

And then….I watched New Girl. How’s that for some mis-matched pairing? Hey, I needed something light afterwards 🙂

Du Jour Bakery

This morning I decided to switch things up a bit. I headed to a new bakery, Du Jour Bakery, in Brooklyn that I’ve been meaning to check out since it opened last month. Heading things at Du Jour are two highly acclaimed pastry chefs — TJ and Vera Tong Obias (who worked at Dovetail and was Exec Pastry Chef at Buddakan). Being super-indecisive, I was glad to see there was a healthy line (but not too long!) so I had time to scope out the goods before I needed to make a decision. Does anyone else have anxiety about ordering in lines because you’re so indecisive?!

I’ve been on a “vegetable muffin” kick lately, so when I saw that they had carrot zucchini muffins, I immediately knew I’d be getting one of those. I also got an almond bread pudding to try. Du Jour also have decent food options, mostly salads and sandwiches from what I could tell. But Ohmigoodness. These were some of the tastiest, moistest, most delicious pastries I’ve had, I think ever. The bread pudding especially was off the charts. I had it to go, so I didn’t actually notice that it came with a dipping sauce until halfway through the bread putting but that sauce with was pretty dynamite as well.

Carrot Zucchini Muffin
(sorry it’s so out of focus — I was hungry and couldn’t wait to dig into it!)
Almond Bread Pudding
Regular Bread Pudding

If you are in the nyc area, do yourself a favor and check this bakery out!

I will definitely be returning but will have to curb my cravings because I can tell it won’t be friendly to my waistline 🙂 It’s all about balance, though. So in an effort to minimize the effects of my indulgences, I ate a healthy organic kale and tomato salad topped with half an avocado for lunch. So yum! Also, I seem to put siracha on everything I’ve been eating lately, including my salads…..

Yoga Challenge

Also to counteract all this deliciousness, I’m heading to a yoga class this evening! I’m taking part in Sweet Tooth Sweet Life’s October Yoga Challenge and need to get up to speed on my weekly yoga. My goal is to practice yoga at least 3 times a week!

Hope everyone is having a great Wednesday!