Good morning! Hope everyone is off to a great start to their Thursday! 

Yoga: Getting a bit tooo Close

I attended a great vinyasa yoga class last night after about a week and a half off. It felt soooo good to get some deep stretching in. I must say, though, that I had myself perfectly positioned myself in the back with ample room. A couple of minutes into class, this guy comes into the class late, pokes me in the arm, and asks me to move over (note: my face straining, I am on my back, using a strap to stretch my right leg, which is laid out across my body…). It was actually quite comical because I think he realized right after interrupting me that he had chosen the most imperfect moment. So, I spent most of the class playing footsie with this guy because we were wedged right next to one another. Despite the too-close proximity, it ended up being a pretty good class. I awoke with my hamstrings burning this morning! I struck one of my favorite poses last night – CROW pose (aka Crane)!


Here’s a great link to trying to master some of the more Advanced Crow Poses from fitsugar. Still working on some of these!

Curbing my Snack Attack

So, recently I’ve been having trouble with late-night snacking. Well, not just snacking but eating dinners that are way too large, followed by indulgent desserts, combined with late-night snacking. My pants are getting a smidge too tight. Ugh. 

I have a complicated history with food that is much too personal and detailed for me to divulge now. Suffice it to say that even though I have a generally healthy perspective towards eating and exercise, sometimes I go through phases of either too much or too little. I was recently trying to shape up for a friend’s wedding where I was a bridesmaid, and was pretty consistent and healthy with my diet and exercise. Once that wedding was over though, I think I told myself it was okay to indulge a bit more. Case in point — yesterday’s sweets. It is all about balance, like I said, but sometimes balance isn’t attainable when one of those scales weighs more heavily than the other.

Do you have a snacking problem? Sweet tooth that can’t be tamed? How have you managed your habit?

I want to use this post to hold myself accountable for my recent over-indulgence, and to make a pledge to try and not to snack or over-eat . The thing is, for me, after about a week of doing something, it becomes more habitual for me. So, I am pledging that for a week, I will eat a healthy green-based dinner, and that I will not snack after dinner. No chips, no ice cream (the horror!) or nuts. Nothing! I’ll check in next Friday to let you know how it’s gone!

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