Mission snack attack is under way. Yesterday’s meals were tasty and healthy! 

Breakfast was a muffin from Blue Sky Bakery in Park Slope, Brooklyn. 

Look at those berries and walnuts!

I’ve been frequenting this place for a while now, and their muffins are so, so delicious that I just can’t stay away. Their muffins are not sugar-packed or overly sweet, as most muffins are. They bake fresh chunks of fruits into their muffins so that you can see them and which just makes the experience of eating the muffin more fun, if that’s possible? The bakery always has so many fun and different combinations of fruits, nuts, and chocolates (which they seem to rotate frequently) that I think it might be possible to eat here everyday for a month and never get the same thing! If you are lucky enough to get the muffins fresh out of the oven, when they are still warm and slightly gooey! 

For lunch, I whipped up a quick and easy salad consisting of spinach, tomato, beets, sunflower seeds and half an avocado.

I am not a big salad dressing person, so I simply drizzled some of the beet juice on top with siracha. I’ve been on an avocado kick lately, and my skin is thanking me for it 🙂

Dinner was a tad boring, so no photo was snapped. I had a 6 inch veggie sub from subway and ate some Food Should Taste Good Cheddar Chips on the side. No excessive snacking last night = a major win. 

Also, I was so surprised to learn yesterday that I was the winner of Meghann from Meals and Miles‘ Garmin Giveaway! I seriously have the most terrible luck and never win anything. 

I am soooo excited for this bad boy to arrive and will be sure to let you guys know how it works out! Thanks to Meghann and Garmin!!!

Will update later in the day with something (hopefully) less mundane.