Good morning! I hope everyone’s having a great start to their morning. I sure am…..

That, my friends, is some Saturday morning yumciousness– freshly baked blueberry muffin and a cranberry scone with jam. I opted to eat only half the scone and some of the muffin but fried up an egg with spinach on the side. I needed to get some protein and greens in for the morning! 

German-Turkish Dinner & Almond Cake

Let’s rewind to my great dining (and dancing!) experience last night. I started the night off kinda lacklusterly but made a complete 180 to end the night! To celebrate a friend’s birthday, I went to Extra Place, a restaurant with an interesting German-meets-Turkish take on street food located (but in an upscale setting) in the East Village in New York. 

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To start, our table shared two orders of french fries served with house made ketchup. Thinly cut, these fries were pretty tasty though I’ve definitely had better. For our main courses, others at the table ordered organic pork belly döner kebabs and the lamb meatball over risotto while I opted for the organic farmers market vegetable döner kebab. SOOOOOO good, especially with their house-made cucumber tzatziki and hot sauces. I am a huge sauce person, so loaded up on both. The dish consisted of chickpeas, wild mushrooms (which were cooked to perfection and so tasty), heirloom tomatoes, and feta. It was seriously so good that I think I only said a sentence or two while I devoured my food! No photos of the food were snapped; sorry guys, I really need to remember to start taking photos of my food more religiously.

The restaurant is located amongst a strip of other restaurants in an “alley” (it’s really the most upscale urban alley you can imagine) and thus is relatively undisturbed by foot traffic. It was also a beautiful warm night out here in NYC yesterday, so we dined outside and then lingered afterwards to just enjoy the weather and one another’s company while consuming some great Spanish white wines.



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The delicious eats continued with dessert. I ordered a specialty cake from a great bakery for the occasion. It was a four layer almond cake with lingonberry jam and almond buttercream frosted with a white chocolate glaze. I will allow you a moment of jealousy 🙂 The almond flavor of the cake was fantastic and complemented the sweetness of the glaze and lingonberries well, though the cake was definitely not overly sweet. I’m not a fan of cakes that just leave your sweet palette so overwhelmed.


I hadn’t eaten too much and by 10 PM was just starting to feel super-energetic. To work off all our eats, we danced the night away at a (very, very crowded) place playing old school r&b and hip-hop jams. OMG — K-Ci 7 Jo-Jo’s All My Life or Next’s Too Close ???!! Trust, I was in dancing heaven. 

It turned out to be one of those great nights that you can’t really manufacture or anticipate — the amazing confluence of perfect weather, great company, delicious food, Spanish wine and nostalgic music. 

What kind of nights do you usually find you have the most fun? 
For me, I find that if I’m expecting a super-awesome time, my experience will inevitably fail to live up to the expectation. See, e.g. New Year’s Eve, every year. I feel like any night where I know I have to wear 3+ inch heels will always be a BIG #fail. Some of the best times are had when you least expect them 🙂

Today, I’m off for a run and then meeting up with some friends coming in from out of town!