I love yoga.
It makes me feel the following states of being, somehow, sometimes all at once:
But sometimes my life is too hectic. Sometimes my workout routines are consumed by cardio and all else falls by the wayside. Or sometimes I can’t get to a studio and I play jedi mind tricks on myself so I think that unrolling my yoga mat at home and doing downward dog = running a marathon.
All of these things means that I forget how great I feel after yoga. Forgetting how yoga makes me feel means I’m less likely to practice. Enter the October Yoga Challenge, courtesy of Courtney (over at Sweet Tooth Sweet Life).

As I mentioned in this post, my goal is to practice three sessions of yoga each week. I’m happy to say, I accomplished my weekly goal. Here’s a quick recap of how the week went:

Yoga Session 1: a 60 minute vinyasa class at Do Yoga Do Pilates studio in Tribeca
As always, excellent. However, it was a liiiiiittle too close for comfort <—recap of why.

Yoga Session 2: a 60 minute session from Yoga Download
Honestly, I wasn’t that great a fan of this one. This was my first time using the site, so I will try some other videos before writing it off.

Yoga Session 3: self-directed yoga! I did a maybe 40 minute session on my own! I’ve “instructed” a class of me + my sister once before, hah, so piece of cake 🙂

How does yoga make you feel? Once I got over the newbie mantras cycling in my head of God I look soooo stupid. What is Warrior 2 again? How does my neighbor get her back to bend like that???!, I really started to tap into how good it makes not just my body feel but how my mind really needs that zen place to center and re-focus myself.

I’m off to enjoy my dinner. A typical eat of mine lately – kale and spinach salad with beets, almonds, sunflower seeds and topped with siracha and half an avocado!

Good night!

P.S. I am hoping to get a much better camera soon, so my photos won’t look so poorly lit/ blurry/ unappetizing!