Good Morning! For many, it’s a long weekend here because of the holiday. Do they still preach the whole “Columbus discovering America” in schools these days? Anywho….I’m enjoying a hearty breakfast while writing this post. A scramble of an egg + egg whites with onions and scallions on a la tortilla factory smart & delicious extra virgin olive oil soft wrap (that is quite the mouthful). Enjoyed with warm coffee on the side.

If I do buy wraps, I’ve been buying these recently. They aren’t the best things ever (i.e. ingredient list leaves a lot to be desired and they are obviously not minimally processed) but they are a decent option where pre-packaged wraps are concerned.
And here are the nutrition stats for anyone interested:
Weekend Recap
This past weekend, I had friends from out of town come in. We spent the time exploring and eating our way through New York. Here’s a photo sampling of what went down:
Does anyone else see the adorable face in the ramen?
An assortment of tres leches cake doughnuts, apple cinnamon yeast doughnut, and cashew & orange blossom yeast doughnut
Doughnut Plant is a very popular doughnut shop in New York with two locations — one in the Lower East Side and another in Chelsea. Their doughnuts are absolutely, fabulously, incredibly delicious. Their yeast doughnuts are just the right amount of airiness, which leaves you feeling satiated rather than over-stuffed afterwards. The yeast doughnuts are the larger ones in the above photo. Here’s a close-up of the apple cinnamon (an autumn specialty!):
The tres leches cake doughnut is so, so good. You can taste the creaminess in every bite, and the explosion of flavor stays with you. Okay, my mouth is watering just re-living it….I’ve had many of the shop’s flavors before. While the Tres Leches is one of my faves, I also absolutely LOVE the peanut butter and jam filled yeast doughnut!
Do you have a favorite local sweet shoppe? Being in New York, there are so many options but Doughnut Plant is one of the tops.
Continuing on to the rest of the weekend eats….
Beer and football!
Not all fun though – my beloved Redskins lost 😦
Falafel, hummus, babaganoush platter to end the weekend.
How was your weekend? Back to the green grind for me 🙂 Will check in later today!