Good afternoon!

Since my last post, I’ve made a couple of changes to my week-old blog:

1) Switched from Blogger to WordPress. From my research and based on the consensus of much of the healthy living blogging community, it seems that WordPress is better for a variety of reasons.

2) New Header. I was playing around with things last night and threw this together. It works for now, I think. Thoughts?

I am very excited and hope that there are even better changes to come in the future.

What I Ate Wednesdays

I am jumping on the WIAW bandwagon. I finally have the platform to do it now!  Without further ado, here were my eats for yesterday. Since I am no longer at my regular 9 to  7, my eating schedule is not the most conventional.

9:30 AM

Fage Greek yogurt + Handful of assorted nuts (I didn’t eat that whole thing!) + Organic local roast French Press Coffee with 2% milk and agave nectar

11:30 AM

Egg and egg white scramble with spinach, onions and mozzarella topped with siracha sauce

3 PM 

Banana muffin (gluten-free) topped with some melty peanut butter

WORKOUT: I did a 45 minute strength workout on my own at home. Glorious. My thighs are feeling it today!

6 PM

Skim Chai Latte + Gluten-free peanut butter cookie  (I know I did poorly in re-fueling following my workout but I was meeting someone at a cafe and the options were limited. Also, my sweet tooth was typically ravenous.)

9 PM

1) Half a bottle of GTS green kombucha. I try to drink this most days. My bank account hates me because of it.

2) Spinach salad topped with half an avocado (repeat photo)

3) Small bowl of whole wheat pasta mixed into a bowl of amy’s low-sodium organic chunky vegetable soup, with wilted spinach and mozzarella (super-easy one pot dinner). I actually ate this around 10:30 PM or so, when my stomach told me the salad was not enough. I sleep pretty late, so luckily have time to digest heavier dinner items if I eat at this hour.

4) Dessert was a handful of yogurt pretzels. No photographic evidence of this one.

So there you go. My eats from yesterday. I’ll be back next week with more What I Ate Wednesdays.

Rando TV Talk…

I ate my dinner while catching up with this season of New Girl on my DVR. So hilarious. I think it’s really growing into its humor and doesn’t seem to be trying so hard, which I thought was the case early last season. I also watched the latest episode of the Mindy Project. This week’s episode was an improvement on last week’s, which I thought was a little….meh. I want to like it but Mindy seems a bit harsh, mean and driven toooo much by her search for a man (not any man, THE perfect man). This episode was funnier, Mindy wasn’t so self-involved, and there was a love interest that wasn’t instantaneously vomit-inducing….I think….so anyone else watching The Mindy Project? Hate it, love it or don’t care?