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….not together, of course. Although, I’ve intrigued myself. Has seafood ice cream been done before?

If you follow me on twitter, you might have seen my tasty dinner last night. I headed over to one of Zaytoons three locations in Brooklyn, for some of its great Middle Eastern cuisine.

To start, I had pita bread with labneh, a strained yogurt with a consistency somewhere between yogurt and cheese. It’s akin to Greek yogurt, and works well as a spread on breads, especially wraps and pita breads, or topped on your favorite soups or salads. If you’re looking for healthy everyday swaps, labneh is a great replacement for sour cream or cream cheese.

Of course, we were plied with warm pita bread to enjoy alongside our labneh.

Although it might look otherwise, the pita bread was pretty large in size. Pita breads in great Middle Eastern restaurants are infinitely better than the ones I pick up in the grocery store. I think that’s part of why pita breads aren’t a staple in my grocery list. Nothing beats freshly baked goods. Upon tearing into this one at Zaytoons, warm steam piped out, and the smell wafted over our entire table.

For my main, I shared the scallop pitza with a friend.

It was delicious! The pitza was topped with tomato sauce, parsley, garlic oil, mozzarella and chunks of scallops. The scallops were cooked well and were also nicely seasoned. Since the scallops were a topping, I appreciated that they were in smaller chunks but also that we were given a generous amount! The parsley and garlic gave it a nice kick. The bread was pretty thin but that’s expected with Middle Eastern pitzas. I’m going to create a similar dish at home!

My group’s original destination before we stopped off at Zaytoons was actually this place. So, after we got our fill of grub, we headed right across the street, literally, for some ice cream from Ample Hills Creamery. The relatively warm night gave us all more of a reason to satisfy our cravings for some cold creamy goodness. You guys, if you are ever in New York, please do yourself a favor and go here. Their rotating selection of 24 creative, mouthwatering flavors of ice cream is not only a gift to the tastebuds but also ecologically conscious, as their ice cream is made from fresh, local, hormone-free ingredients.

And if that doesn’t pull you in, maybe the tongue-in-cheek sign will:

Ample Hills is well-known for its salted crack caramel ice cream (the hackneyed joke: it is like crack!!!!! Truthfully, that’s a pretty spot-on assessment). After sampling a couple of their binder full of flavors, including the Bourbon Street (vanilla bean ice cream with Maker’s Mark bourbon and homemade pecan praline), I decided on this:

It was a single scoop, half “Autumn in New York” (mulled apple cider sorbet sweetened with maple syrup), other half “Sweet as Honey” (sweet cream ice cream with homemade 100% pure honey comb candy). You know what was better than those two flavors? The two mixed together. Wow. What a perfectly sweet, autumnal combination of flavors!

What’s your favorite combination of ice cream flavors? I personally love two vanilla-based flavors with complementing flavors (like a nutty with a sweet).

I’m thinking of going for a run today and maybe do my pilates-based routine as well (going to post that workout soon)! Hope you’re enjoying your weekend!