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It’s Wednesday, which means 1) I’m halfway through the week (!!!) and 2) it’s time for another installment of What I Ate Wednesdays! Thank you Jenn who blogs at Peas and Crayons for hosting!
Spooky Snacks and Healthy Halloween Treats

Not only was yesterday a day of uncharacteristically light (for me, at least) eating but it was also a day of vegan eats. I don’t know when that last happened. Although I didn’t begin the day with the specific intention of eating a vegan diet, I have actually been inching towards more of a plant-based, vegan diet recently. More on that in a post later down the road. For now, please enjoy the following photo-splosion of food.

9 AM

Coffee with almond milk

Chia, buckwheat and hemp “cereal” with almond milk, half a banana, a handful of Kashi shredded wheats for texture, and a couple of small squirts of agave syrup

I’ve only recently started eating Qi’a Superfood cereal, a mix of chia, buckwheat and hemp seeds, from Nature’s Path. It is on the pricier side (compared to conventional “cereals”) but I think it is worth the splurge! I’ve only eaten the original and am curious as to how the two other flavors — apple cinnamon and cranberry vanilla — taste.

This “cereal” is chock full of Omega-3’s and packs 6 grams of protein per serving. It is free of wheat and gluten and is also vegan, so can be easily incorporated into many diets. Personally, I like it with a couple of spoonfuls of yogurt, milk (because of the chia seeds, one serving is only 2 tablespoons — it will expand!), some sort of granola (or in this case, shredded wheat cereal) to add texture, and either a nut butter or fruit. It’s also great for salads!

11:30 AM

Half a banana with peanut butter

WORKOUT – Headed over to my gym for a workout. 20 minutes each on the elliptical trainer and stationary bike at high resistances. I then completed 20 minutes of various strength exercises, including triceps dips, lunges, squats, side planks and incline planks. I was doused in sweat by the end of my session!

1:30 PM

Raspberry Hemp Protein Shake

This was made with Navitas hemp protein powder, tons of frozen raspberries, almond milk, peanut butter and some ice cubes. I was on the run and needed post-workout fueling, so I threw this together quickly, knowing I wouldn’t have a chance to eat lunch immediately.

3:30 PM

Salad of kale and spinach, with carrots, tomatoes and various sprouts, topped with avocado + Persimmon + Handful of nuts (no photo)

 YOGA!!! I did 30 minutes on my own

8 PM

Bottle of GT’s Green Kombucha

BBQ Tofu with beets and tomatoes atop a bed of arugula

Sprouted Chips + Salsa

I didn’t portion it out so there’s no photo of how much I actually ate, but ended up crumbling some onto the salad and then eating about half the bag and half the jar of salsa. I’ve got snacky hands, what can I say.

These Way Better Chips are great healthy snack options. The tortilla chips, which come in a variety of flavors, including the Sweet Chili pictured above, are made from sprouted whole grains and seeds. Their ingredient list is comprised of a short list of recognizable ingredients. As good as you’ll get with processed foods these days! Read their story here.

I didn’t eat a typical dessert yesterday, which is rare for me, as I usually have something sweet everyday. At the end of last night, I didn’t crave any sweets (oh hey, if curbing my sweet tooth is a side effect of veganism, count me in!), and also found myself heading to bed early because I had an early morning yoga session this morning.

Have you ever followed a vegan diet? Would you ever consider it?