Good morning from the dreary East Coast….

A breakfast of eggs, cooked with red kale and onions topped with avocado and relish was in order.

The wonderful aroma of this also wafted through my home this morning:

Has my muffin baking phase returned? I used to make muffins weekly a couple of months ago but for whatever reason, that fell by the wayside. I guess today my food phase has returned! I’m baking up some protein banana chocolate chip muffins. I like to make mine petite sized because I typically eat them as a pre-workout snack.  As there’s another batch in the oven as I write, I haven’t yet tried any of them, so the verdict on taste is pending…will report back.

Going back a bit, last night when dinnertime rolled around, I really only had one criteria — not-a-salad. I have really grown to love, love, love salads (yes, three loves. no eyerolling, please) but I’ve been eating them a lot lately and I wanted something a bit more substantial but was too tired by the end of the night to make something myself. So I shared Chinese take-out, including vegetable lo-mein and steamed eggplant with a peanut sesame sauce and white rice. Sorry, no photos. I got some unwelcome news yesterday, so was it was a downer kind of a night (perhaps, that also had something to do with the not wanting a super-healthy meal?). Nonetheless, I wasn’t in the most snap-happy mood. However, I got a little pick-me-up when I cracked open my fortune cookie.

If fortunes were intended to be humorous descriptions of what you aren’t, then yea totally, this is on point! As I referenced briefly in this post about how I’m secretly happy when there are long lines because that means more time for me to weigh my options, I am not a decisive kind of gal.

Anyways, here’s a question for you guys today:

If you could only listen to one song during your workouts for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Before my workout yesterday, I grabbed an older iPod because my iPhone was nearly out of juice and I’d neglected to charge it. I’d always been sort of convinced that this older iPod is slightly…..possessed. I mean, among other strange things, the iPod used to switch itself on and play one song (one song. not a playlist, not songs from one artist — ONE song — and then switch off), and sometimes would randomly switch to other (less cheesy) songs like it was telling me that I shouldn’t be listening to this teeny-bopper music at my age. Maybe it’s like my iPhone’s Siri, all judgmental of my choices and everything?

And of course, a quarter of the way through my workout, something funky started happening. My iPod started repeating the song I was listening to, over and over again. For the life of me, I couldn’t do anything to change it. Finally, having enough of it, I went stag. I actually could not even turn it off….I just waited for the battery to drain. Pathetic, right? No music-o to power me through my workout.

Perhaps, if it had gotten stuck on a better song, maybe I would have totally been into it? This got me thinking, if for some dire reason, I couldn’t listen to my amazingly varied, motivational and pumping music playlists while working out, what one song would I choose to listen to during workouts for the rest of my life?

I have no idea! Seriously, this happened yesterday and I’ve been going back and forth on a couple. INDECISIVE, what’d I tell you? I certainly have some of my more contemporary favorites, including:

  • Lil Wayne & Drake, Right Above It
  • Carly Rae Jespen, Call Me Maybe
  • Fort Minor, Remember the Name

These are a few that are currently in constant rotation. I have music phases just as I have food phases. All great workout songs, but I think ultimately I’ll have to go with Madonna’s Like a Prayer. Love that song.

Hope your Thursdays aren’t filled with judgmental tech devices 🙂