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Good morning!

Last night, I had a friend over my place for red wine, a delicious salad (spinach with roasted veggies, salty roasted pumpkin seeds and tart Greek yogurt), warm olive rosemary focaccia, and Lindt almond chocolate! Great combo of food while watching a movie = perfect night in!

October Yoga Challenge

As some of you may know, I’ve been participating in Courtney’s October Yoga Challenge. Visit Courtney at Sweet Tooth Sweet Life to see how she and other participants fared! For my final week, I challenged myself to complete 3 sessions. I managed to complete 2 sessions, so I fell a bit short of my goal. With so much happening here in NY, it was easy to get distracted and fall off my game plan. Here’s what I managed to do:

Session 1: Yoga at a local Studio – 90 minutes of interesting, challenging moves. No inversions so I couldn’t work on one of my fall fitness goals here.

Session 2: At home 30-minute self-directed flow during Sandy. I needed to get some heart-pumping goodness to combat the dreariness of the storm.

Many thanks to Courtney for hosting the challenge! I definitely did more yoga than I would have had the challenge not existed. During the colder months, I am much less likely to trek out to the gym, studio or even exercise at home, so this was a much welcome challenge!

However, there was much room for improvement as I fell short of my expectations. I had anticipated practicing almost as frequently as I did during the summer, which was about 3-4 times a week at a local studio (thank you unlimited monthly groupons!). How I practiced so frequently, given the fact that I had ten times more on my plate then than I do now, is a mystery to me. Perhaps it was because I had so much on my plate, so many daily stressors and distractions, that I needed and craved yoga much more than I do now. I just needed that time to calm my mind and re-focus myself. Recently, that fitness craving has shifted from yoga to running, as there’s been less daily stress (or, more accurately, different kinds of stresses) in my life. Perhaps, my body has been craving the euphoric high of running rather than yoga? Whatever the case may be, I am glad that the yoga challenge made me practice a lot more than I would have normally done. Thanks again, Courtney!

I’ve laid off the exercise since Sandy but think I’m going to get back in there today! A run? Gym? Whatever it is, I’m going to keep this in mind: